1. All relevant Tendring District Council Bylaws and code of conduct must be followed. A copy of which will be returned with your membership card. Which must be with you every time you launch.
  2. Parking of cars and trailers on beach is not allowed. Trailers must be stored in the designated area behind the Beach Diner. The hatched area at the top of the slipway must be kept clear at all times without exception.
  3. No fuel to be stored on beach. Craft must be removed from the beach prior to refuelling.
  4. No vehicles are to be taken onto the beach apart from the launching and recovery of craft. The launch vehicle must be used when available. When driving onto beach, a lookout must be used to look out for other beach   users and no passengers are to carried on craft or the launch vehicle. Launching / recovery to be as   per TDC bylaws.
  5. Craft must stay within the buoyed area when going out or returning until 200 meters from shore (green marker bouys) and must not approach the shore from any other area except in the case of emergencies.
  6. Marker bouys must not be used as a slalom course.
  7. Keep well away from pier (100 meters minimum).
  8. Speed limit maximum 8 nautical miles per hour within distance of 200 meters of low tide mark.
  9. Craft engines must not be run on the slipway and adjacent areas apart from when carrying out pre/post launch checks.
  10. An adult must accompany any children under the age of 16 unless the child has an RYA PWC competency certificate on the water at all times.
  11. Be courteous to TDC council officials / Committee Members / Club stewards. Threatening behaviour and  abusive language will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the club.
  12. Produce insurance if requested by Club official or relevant authority. Keep a copy in your tow vehicle as if you  are unable to produce this you will not be allowed to launch.
  13. Be aware /courteous of other people on the beach/water.
  14. All craft must be Data-Tag registered which will be checked by the club, registration must be clearly displayed   on both sides of the bow above the gunwale. This registration information is passed onto the local authorities.
  15. Current year club membership sticker must be clearly displayed on the front of craft above the gun-whale.
  16. All users must lock gate/barrier to slip and car park after use and not allow others to enter, AND must not disclose access codes.
  17. Absolutely no riding of PWC whilst under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  18. Do not bring the club into disrepute by your own actions or those of your guests.
  19. All CJSC members and their guests must abide by the rules or you will be asked to leave and the relevant authorities informed.
  20. A yellow and red card system will be operated to ban persistent offenders.
  21. Never litter the beach or the sea.
  22. All accidents/incidents involving club members must be reported to the club.
  23. Buoyancy aids and lanyards (if installed) must be worn at all times when on the water.